Website Design

The Brief

Salutem approached me to re-design their website after I had created marketing materials and product labels for them. They had a few Wordpress websites built for each of their products, but wanted to display all products on one site under the main brand. They needed a shop functionality which could handle volume discounts and the capability to link in all of their global reseller sites.

Salutem Supplements website design
Salutem Supplements website design

The Process

Having already worked closely with the Salutem team on various other projects, I knew the brand and products very well.  Because of the nature of the vitamin drinks, there was a lot of information to share with the visitors for each product, which are all very different and have different target audiences. So we structured the site to have one main home page to showcase the collection of drink mixes, with separate product landing pages that could act as a home page for marketing purposes. On each product home page I created a promo video to communicate each sub-brand to make it really clear and differentiate the products. We also share marketing literature downloads and highlight the products benefits and ingredients.

The shop function I built using an intelligent shopping app to allow the use of volume discounts and coupon codes. Salutem also offer Autoship with free delivery which I set up using code from Paypal and adding to a button feature in Wix.

For their country distributors I created a  tab which lists all of the global resellers, some links directly to their own websites and some have their own page on the site.

The Future

I'm working with Salutem Supplements on packaging for exciting new products coming to market and the website very soon, therefore the live website is currently under construction and is a paired back version for now.

The Feedback

"The work that comes out of the Jellicoe studio is, in short, exemplary! Whether company branding, product identity/packaging, promotional literature in the form of brochures, flyers or advertisements, or website design/build or social media campaigns or e-shots - the creativity is always bang on brief, with an evolutionary, beneficial, taking it to the next level ‘Jellicoe Twist’. Gemma is an exciting energy to work with, delivering cutting edge design across broad media applications, always on time, with an understanding of national and international markets. If you are a new company, or an existing one who wants to polish it’s boots and catch up with the big guns, or a well-established business wishing to bolster its offerings… look no further."