What is a logo submark and why does my business need one?

Imagine you’ve paid for a logo to be designed, you’ve received the files and start applying it to the different areas of your business, only to realise it is illegible on mobile for facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

This is why a submark is needed as part of your brand identity kit.

A submark, also called a secondary logo, is a short-form brand icon which closely resembles your main logo and can be used in areas where space is limited. In most cases (apart from logotypes*) I will create a strong icon as part of your logo, which can be used as a submark to visually represent your business. In some cases, like facebook for example, this submark will appear next to text that Facebook generates, so you don’t have to worry about people not knowing what your brand name is. In other cases you could use your submark as a symbol on marketing and communications to your clients, who are already familiar with your brand.

*What’s a Logotype I hear you ask… A logotype is where the logo is centred around the brand name (like Coca-Cola logo and Google). A logomark is a logo centered around a symbolic image or icon.

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Example page from West-Webbe's Brand Style Guide, showing their Submark

An example for how West-Webbe's LinkedIn business profile would look using their submark.