How to convert website visitors to paying customers with Wix

Using Wix's powerful backend capabilities to attract leads through your website, nurture and convert them into customers.

For anyone not familiar with Wix, it’s a cloud based web development tool which enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to build websites without the knowledge of code. We specialise in creating custom Wix websites (without templates) for Beauty, Health & Wellness businesses. Those who are time poor or don’t have the facilities/capabilities to create their own website, but who would like the opportunity to manage and make updates themselves after launch. We're trained in Graphic Design and Wix allows us to create custom designs that will get your business noticed. But beyond being a really great website builder, Wix is actually a complete Client Relationship Management (CRM) system which will help you do really valuable things like gather leads, nurture them with automated emails and convert them into paying clients.

Here’s a look into our 5 favourite things you can do in the backend of Wix, besides building a website:

  • 1. Lead Magnet - A lead magnet is a way to get your visitors’ information in exchange for something valuable – like a free audit, free trial, or free tips/advice delivered via a document. They are a great way to promote your brand as the authority, provide great value and it’s also a good way encourage interaction with your brand. On Wix you can set up an automation which triggers a pre-designed email when a visitor enters their email address.

  • 2. Email Automation - They say it takes 7 points of contact before a person is willing to buy from you, so email automation is a great way to do this without manually sending out hundreds of emails. In Wix you can design the layout, call to action and then schedule when you want the email to go out, for example 2 days after someone downloads your lead magnet document.

  • 3. Lead/Contact Manager - All the leads you have gained from your lead magnet will be saved in the contact manager, so you can send emails or newsletters to keep them in the loop with your brand’s news and nurture the relationship further.

  • 4. Social Media Integration - This is a really valuable one if you plan on advertising on Facebook or Instagram, or if you own an e-commerce website and want to promote your products on these platforms using their product tagging feature. Wix and Facebook have worked together to seamlessly integrate tools to enable you to sync your products from your website and promote them on your social media posts.

  • 5. Promotional Videos - A really great feature if you want to create videos for your social media or adverts, the built in video creator will stitch together still images and animate them for you! There's also an option to add a sound track with lots of different styles and tempos to suit the mood of your brand.